PWYC (Pay What You Can) Donation Yoga classes

*suggested minimum donation $10

These classes will be held at various times throughout the week. Each class will be posted on Facebook the week before. At least one class a week will be a designated donation class.

Each month I will be donating all donations from these classes to a specific charity or cause. 

May-Nepal Earthquake Relief

June-Beagle Freedom Project

July-Sierra Club Foundation

August-Pittsburgh Food Banks

Backyard yoga this summer is an official thing! Check it out!

These pictures were taken in North Carolina, so they do not accurately represent my backyard. 

Yoga Series Classes

YSC price is $15/class, or $50 for a 5-class pass. Class passes have a 6 month expiration date from date of purchase.

Each week's class schedule will be posted on Facebook up to three weeks in advance. 

In May, the yoga series classes will focus on the foundations of specific poses. As you get grounded and rooted in the proper alignment of a pose, you can deepen your understanding of how that pose flows through your practice. 

May 10th-16th 

Focusing on Downward Facing Dog and Mountain

May 17th-23rd

Focusing on Warrior I and Warrior II

May 24th-30th

Focusing on Tree and Childs Pose

In June, the yoga series classes will focus on themes that will transition from your yoga mat into your daily life.

May 31st-June 6th

Root to Rise *finding strength and a firm foundation*

June 7th-13th

Twists and Turns *finding presence and space while facing the twists and turns of life's journey*

June 14th-20th


June 21st-June 27th


June 28th-July 4th