Take it easy today, okay?

Self-care is a buzzword.

Let's be honest here. Everyone is throwing self-care around these days likes it's the latest fad, and you know what? It is. I've watched it become more and more hyped up over the past few years.

I've seen it because I've been building my coaching practice around self-care since 2011.

And at first, I was afraid to talk about it because it seemed like a topic that you didn't talk about. Recently though, with the rise of awareness around our mental healthand more and more people becoming comfortable talking about depression and anxiety, people are JUMPING on the self-care bandwagon. 

It's a good and a bad thing

There are books, seminars, yoga practices, and anything else you can imagine being promoted as a way to "improve your self-care". 

I've seen self-care labeled:

  • guilt-free
  • sacred
  • radical
  • bold
  • blissful (that's mine!)
  • unique (that's also mine!)

Self-care can be all of those things, and I'm all for it being brought into our awareness, because it is so needed, but I sometimes think that when we add a label to it to glam it up that it can come across as too much.

We are busy bees, and we think that we don't have time to add yet another thing into our schedule. And with these labels, it can make us feel like we "need" to do all of the self-care activities in order to feel better.

But self-care is necessary.

And it is needed, but the way that we are going about could be overcomplicating it. And as humans we tend to overcomplicate things. A lot. It's so incredibly easy for us to do this, and we don't even realize it!

We want our self-care to look "perfect". We compare it to what we see on Facebook, Instagram, in magazines. We think that we should be doing what everyone else is doing. Worse yet, we try to do it all at once and then get frustrated when we don't feel calm and connected. I'm so guilty of all of these things. But let me tell you something:

self-care can be easy.

Think of this as a permission statement.

You are allowed to take it easy. You are allowed to have self-care be simple. You are allowed to do ONE thing a day for you. It doesn't have to be what someone else is doing, or even what someone else told you to do.

The first word is SELF, so you do it for you. We can get into the deeper reasons of self-care in a later post, but for today I want you to know that you don't have to overcomplicate self-care by comparing your version of self-care to someone else's.

You have permission to do something, anything that feels good.

Action creates action, and as you show up for yourself every day (even if it's just taking a shower, or drinking a glass water out of a wine glass, or watching that cat video for the 13th time), you will start to show up for yourself every day, it will feel easier, and your self-care will feel like it was made for you. Because it was. It was created by you.

Let your self-care be easy.

Would having daily self-care tips help make your self-care feel easy?


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