Self-love Sticky Notes

When I was putting together the self-love calendar for this month I knew that I wanted to include this activity. It is something near and dear to my heart because it has really helped me move through some of my darker periods. 

In the video below I share with you all about this and how to incorporate this activity into your self-love practice. Fair warning, I shot this in one take, so there are some moments where I ramble and go off on small silly tangents, but it's full of love and I hope you enjoy it :)

I briefly mention in the video about how this activity helped me navigate through one of my darker moments with depression. I will be sharing that story on the Bliss Notes blog a little bit later in the month.

Now that you know all about this sweet, simple, and fun activity, I would love to see what you write on your sticky notes! Come on over to Facebook or Instagram and share them with me.

You can also still sign up to participate in I Choose Me: a 28 day journey back to self-love. We start on Sunday, February 5th. Head on over to the I Choose Me page to get more info and sign up!