The Two things you need to accomplish 2017

So let’s talk about this thing called self-care.

You hear about it everywhere. I mean, it’s the first few weeks of the year…EVERYONE is talking about resolutions, intentions, goals, that “New Year, New Me”  thing.

Which means that people are also talking about putting themselves first and making themselves a priority. NOW that is something I can get behind!

But what happens next week when life the newness of the year starts wearing off, and the regular habits and routines fall back into place and the busyness of life becomes more important? Have you heard the statistic that most resolutions fail by Mid-February? Isn’t that crazy???

So you decided to put yourself first this year, or you decided to lose more, get more active, read more, do more, be more. You have the How down pat: go to the gym, stay off of Facebook, read more, eat more greens, talk to more people, etc. You even have the Why down, which is always relevant and personal and so on point. Everyone’s why is always good enough for me, as long is you are trying FOR YOU and not for someone else. 

But what people forget or gloss over are the most two most important parts that are needed. These two things are an integral part of the foundation of self-care. They are also the cornerstones of success when it comes to resolutions, and intentions, and any goal you are trying to accomplish.

Your awareness

When I say your awareness, what i'm really talking about is using your breath as a tool to check in with yourself.

Did you know that fear and excitement feel the EXACT SAME WAY in your body, and the only difference is the breathing that occurs with excitement? When you are anxious or feeling fear about something, you tend to close up and stop breathing. But with excitement, there is a rush, an uptake in breathing.

As you continue to make small improvements to your self-care routine, baby steps towards changing your mindset or accomplishing a goal, continue to check in with yourself.

Take a moment and feel into your breathing patterns. Are you breathing rapidly, more shallow, or are your breathes long and fluid? Do you notice a sensation anywhere in your body as you breathe? Does it feel like your breath is getting stuck somewhere? This is your body's way of communicating with you. Sit with yourself for a few moments and feel what is going on.

It's also a good practice to take breathing breaks throughout the day. Take 1-3 minutes, and focus on your breathe. Feel it flowing in through your nose, filling your lungs, allowing your chest and stomach to expand. Then notice how it feels as you exhale completely, letting all of the air go.


The other big, Big, BIG piece to accomplishing any change is accountability. It is so important to have someone rooting for you. It feels good to accomplish something on your to-do list, and it feels even better to have someone cheering you on. On the flip side, this person or people can also help you see your excuses and any limiting beliefs that can keep you from moving forward.

I'm sure there is some witty quote that I could put in here about how no one person ever created something monumental, that it requires the work off all those involved, but really I want you to feel supported in whatever you are trying to accomplish. And in reality, accountability looks different to everyone. That's the beauty of self-care and all of the puzzle pieces-they are all unique.

This is where I come in! I want to be supportive of you in your journey of self-care this year. Whether it's your primary intention or goal, or even if it's one piece of the whole pie.

So I have two action steps I want you to take:

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