My word and Intention for 2017.

For as long as I can remember

New Year's Day has always been when you create the resolution(s) that will carry you through the coming year. I would set lofty goals, with no definable action or outcome and feel great!

Two to three weeks later (sometimes even a month to two months) that resolution was either sitting on a shelf collecting dust, in a box or a bin stashed somewhere, thrown away, or simply forgotten. Well-meaning intentions, but no follow through

In 2010, I decided to try something new and instead of a resolution I chose a word. I remember my first word as if I chose the word yesterday: *Embrace*. I wanted to embrace who I was as a person, learn to love my journey with depression and anxiety, and get comfortable with life. I don't remember what that year entailed, but I do remember my talisman: a hand stamped pendant that I wore almost daily. 

The following year was "Expand", another year was "Courage", there was "Bold", and even "Trust". I didn't choose a word every year, and the years that I didn't choose a word, I did notice that there was something missing. You see, when I had a word, it was an anchor, a guide, a way to keep moving forward. Waking up, I would ask myself a question or repeat a mantra that included my word. 

"How can I expand today?" "Where can I feel courageous?" "I trust myself to know the way"

It's been two years since I sat down and planned anything for my year. 2015 & 2016 were years that a lot came up, and maybe having an intention or a word could have helped, but even without them, there was a lot of development and growth. There was a lot of mis-direction, a lot of hesitation, but there was

So. Much. Growth.

When you do a lot of work on and for yourself, you learn a lot. You learn what works for you, and what doesn't. You uncover secrets, deeply held beliefs, desires, and wishes. You learn your rhythm for moving through life. You learn and start to feel where your boundaries are. Things become crystal clear, and you find your roots. 

Where am I now?

In 2017, I have plans. Big plans that make me a bit nervous and excited. I am focusing more on my passion for self-care, and I am gathering and collecting all of the lessons, information, and experiences from the past several years into one place. That is why my word and intention for 2017 are so in alignment with where I am now that I am feeling called to do great work.

Harvest 2017.jpg

In 2017, I am focusing on two main main things. Harvest and Abundance. Harvest is my word of the year, Abundance is my intention. 

Harvest: to collect, to gather, to reap. An outcome, a product, a result.

Abundance: overflowing fullness, a large amount, prosperity.

Harvesting abundance or an Abundant Harvest

Either way I look at it, 2017 is the year that I am stepping into my calling. Over the years I have had many, many, many ideas and creative projects spill out of my brain and onto pages of notebooks. I have felt a magnetic pull to help others with their self-care practices, and from my own life experiences I know that it is important work. I also am aware that it is greatly needed, especially now.

These words speak of INTENTIONAL ACTION on my part to stop hiding, and to start serving.  I don't yet know where this will take me, but know that I am here FOR YOU to help in the ways that I know how. And that means lots of Self-Care, embodiment, body awareness, movement, yoga, and so many other things.

What is your calling for 2017? What are your intentions or words? How do you want 2017 to look like when you look back on this year?

PS-I created something for you to start your 2017 off to a great start. 

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