One simple way to increase happiness

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Today's bliss note is all about this image that I shared on Instagram on Monday for my regular #mondaymantra post with this caption:

"How loving, warm, welcoming, uplifting, inspiring, supportive, grounded is your house?
How you speak to yourself matters just as much, if not more, than how you speak to others. Your words or magical, magnetic, and hold the intentions that you wish to infuse your daily life with. 
How do you speak to yourself?

After sharing it on Facebook, I noticed this post getting shared several times and it now has over 1,100 views with several comments and messages! I realized that it's a fascinating question and one that we don't ask ourselves nearly enough. 

Think about it. (see what I did?!)

How many thoughts do you think per day? Per minute? The answer is 50,000-70,000 per day which breaks down to around 35-50 per minute! Holy guacamole! There is other research out there that mentions that over the course of the day, around 90% of our thoughts are the SAME thoughts we had yesterday!

Take a moment and notice what your thoughts are right now. Most likely these thoughts are full of busy-ness, worry, self-doubt, comparison, just to name a few. I'm prone to it myself!  

If roughly 90% of our thoughts are the same day in and day out, then our house is CLUTTERED! It's time for some spring cleaning. 

It's time to breathe some life into your words, some love into your words.

You are busy, I am busy, society is busy. We get caught up in the rush of our to-do lists, the people we want to meet, the things we want to accomplish. Our mind keeps us going, going, going. Always thinking about the next thing to go, do, or see. 

What if in this moment right here, right now, we take a minute to JUST BREATHE? What would happen? What would happen if you added on a positive message like one of the few listed below? 

~I am happy

~I am love

~I love and approve of myself

~I trust myself

~My mind is sharp, my body is strong, my spirit is full

**You can also use whatever positive message speaks to you in this moment.**

As you inhale, repeat your message. As you exhale, let everything go. Repeat this for a minute, or longer, as many times as you want to throughout the day.

New patterns take time, and patience, so be gentle with yourself. Come back to this practice when you remember it, as often as you remember it. If you continue to speak and breathe positive words into your day, you may notice a change in your happiness level. It's going to go up!

Do you have any tips, tricks, activities that you use to increase your happiness levels throughout the day? I would love to know! Share with me in the comments, and spread happiness everywhere you go today!